Your winter wardrobe sorted: Emma Willis’s latest collection with Next, available at Overgate

1111Emma Willis Winter Collection Guest Blogger Post

Available in sizes 6-22 and designed by the TV presenter herself, the latest Emma Willis Collection with Next will be available at Overgate Shopping Centre from the 3rd December.

Comprised of cosy outerwear, comfortable denim and chunky knitwear, it’s the perfect range to see you through the colder months in style – whether you’re heading out for crisp countryside walks or hosting virtual quizzes and Secret Santa unboxings via Zoom.


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Emma’s latest range is all about adding that element of professionalism back into your wardrobe. White cotton shirts, cropped denim and wide leg trousers all evoke a professional feel, should you decide to ditch the loungewear and pyjamas and opt for something more work-appropriate while at home.

With soft fabrications like cotton and satin within some of the pieces, it’s clear that comfort is still at the forefront of Emma’s philosophy as a designer. The latest range strikes the perfect balance between professional attire and comfort-on-the-go, making it a great accompaniment to your work-from-home wardrobe.



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While the previous edit featured more muted neutral tones, Emma’s latest collection has a spectrum of different shades to choose from – including bright orange, dark blue and soft olive.

These are perfect for any virtual drinks or remote gatherings booked into your calendar over the next month. (Just because we’ll be spending more time at home, doesn’t mean to say we shouldn’t dress to impress!)

Go bold with orange roll necks and rust-coloured trousers, or blend in with neutral cotton shirts and sky blue denim from the presenter’s latest range.

Alongside bright colours (which Emma previously shied away from), the latest collection also carries a wide range of fabrics and patterns. Stand out pieces include a long-sleeved animal print dress as well as a jacket and trousers combo in olive velvet – one of Emma’s favourites from the collection.

“It’s no surprise that we’ve done another suit for this collection…but this time we’ve done something totally different! We have gone velvet, we have gone green, and it’s super comfortable, super slouchy, and perfect for Christmas.” – Emma Willis


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With the colder months now upon us, the presenter-turned-designer’s latest range features the perfect pieces for outdoor jaunts, park walks – and even short strolls around the block during lunch breaks.

Ranging from the more formal khaki boucle revere coat to the casual and weather-proof padded jacket, there’s something for everyone in Emma’s latest collection.

Underneath, pair your stylish outerwear choice with a warm jumper. The latest range features two variants; the orange chunky roll neck and the khaki rib high neck. The former provides that extra layer of warmth around the face, while the latter matches the boucle revere coat perfectly for a monochrome look.

“This jumper was such a hit in the last collection we’ve done it again but in a brand new colour, with trousers to match.”

Shop the Emma Willis Collection at Overgate Shopping Centre from the 3rd December – and for further fashion inspiration, check out our round-up of Emily in Paris outfits available from retailers at our centre!