About Millie’s Cookies

Nothing beats the tempting aroma and the delicious taste of fresh-baked cookies straight from the oven, and that’s why so many people find it difficult to walk past Millie’s Cookies without treating themselves. We have a reputation for baking mouth-watering cookies and muffins, and for providing a great range of drinks and gifts.

We bake cookies to help you celebrate birthdays, graduations and a whole host of special occasions. You can even go the extra mile by having a personalised cookie made just for you with a message for the lucky recipient. We use the finest ingredients to make our products, such as pure butter and high quality Belgian chocolate.

And of course, if you just happen to be passing by our Overgate store and the hunger pangs start to kick in, you can always give yourself the gift of indulgence with a sumptuous cookie just for you. Our store gives you the perfect excuse to take a break from all that retail therapy and simply savour every mouthful as you watch the world go by.

Millie’s Cookies have been tickling the taste buds since 1985, and during that time we have established stores in the UK, India, France, Hong Kong and elsewhere.

Opening hours

10:00am - 5:30pm
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10:00am - 5:30pm
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