About EcoATM

When you’re looking to dispose of your old cellphone, why not do it in a convenient, simple and stress-free way with ecoATM? There’s a kiosk right here in the Overgate, on the ground floor close to the Bank Street Car Park’s entrance hall. It’s easy to use, and payments are made straight into your bank account, usually within just 90 minutes.

And it’s important to remember that every phone accepted by an ecoATM kiosk is another one that doesn’t end up in a landfill site. We’ve been recycling mobiles since 2009, and in the process more than 28 million phones have been given a second life. Old phones contain a number of harmful materials, including lead, mercury, arsenic, chlorine and bromine, but you can help the environment by using ecoATM instead.

Our kiosks accept all used smartphones, including those made by Motorola, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Oppo, Google, Huawei, LG, HTC and more. Our kiosk will tell you what we’ll pay for your phone, then if you agree you can dispense it with us and we’ll safely and securely reset it to its factory settings to be reused – it’s that simple.

With your help, ecoATM is making a world of difference to the planet.