Dressing up for a Video Conference Call

Overgate Video Conference Call Styling 2021
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You can dress for success even if you’re working from home. Your clothes can affect your state of mind and can serve as a signal that you’re transitioning from home mode to work mode. In fact, an article by stylist.co.uk highlights that clothes actually ‘spark joy’. So, while video conference calls may only show a preview of your upper body, your colleagues will still notice your sleepiness while you’re in pyjamas. Alternatively, they’ll recognise your confidence attending the meeting in a lovely dress.

So even if you’re working from home, dress to impress by wearing these flattering clothes that will make you look good on and off the camera.

No to Pyjamas

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No, it’s not okay to wear your sleep clothing on Zoom calls, according to an article published by uk.movies.yahoo.com/ Pyjamas make it look like you don’t make an effort for work — that might make your boss very unhappy! But don’t worry, you still have a lot of good options if you’re the type who prefers to dress for comfort.

You can strike a balance by wearing formal clothes with breathable fabric, such as cotton. Look for structured blouses with a loose fit so that your movements won’t be constricted throughout the conference call.

Body-flattering Clothes

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Web cameras won’t be able to show your entire body to the other participants, so this may cause a visual imbalance in the frame. Make your upper torso look well-proportionate by looking for clothes that are flattering for your frame.

A guide by prettyme.ph on dressing for petites recommends clothes with vertical stripe patterns. This is a classic style that will create a flattering illusion that will make your upper body look more balanced on camera. You can also wear V-neck tops or dresses that will help elongate your torso. Just be mindful that you are not revealing too much skin by regularly checking your neckline.

Neutral Colours

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The image resolution of cameras is often washed out, and this can affect the colours and textures of your clothes on video conference screens. Furthermore, white and bright-coloured tops can also affect the camera’s exposure settings and produced unflattering effects on your skin.

Avoid this dilemma by wearing neutral colours during video conference calls. You can wear some of the most flattering shades that register well on cameras, such as blue, grey, cream, khaki, and navy. A feature by linkedin.com on dressing for success also warns against clashing colour combinations. If you want to layer up, choose colours that complement each other.

Easy Fixes

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Some of the best articles of clothing that you can invest in are blazers and button-down shirts. These are classic staples that would make you look professional on video conference calls and in real life! Most of all, they are easy fixes for unexpected Zoom meetings because you can quickly wear them over your shirts to look more formal.

The denim shirt is one of our classic denim recommendations here at Overgate. Almost everyone has this shirt because it is flattering across genders and body shapes! You should also invest in figure-flattering blazers, which can cover up your loungewear while making you look professional at the same time.

Dress for success by wearing clothes that will make you look and feel good, even in a video conference call! Classic pieces, like neutral blouses, v-neck shirts, blazers, and button-downs, will impress your clients and co-workers while making you feel comfortable and confident.

Exclusively written for Overgate by Alison Woods