Christmas: a time for good food, presents and…entertaining Google searches! - Overgate Shopping Centre

Christmas: a time for good food, presents and…entertaining Google searches!

Carol singers in the streets, festive tunes blasting out of every shop and the arrival of Santa’s School at Overgate – it can only mean one thing… Christmas is just around the corner!

With excitement reaching fever pitch and preparations for the festive season in full swing, we’ve joined forces with NEXT to see how people really feel about Christmas… by having a look at the funniest things we Google during the festive period.

For many, Christmas is a time to impress!

Christmas is a time for catching up with family and loved ones. While these conversations are priceless, it seems people clearly like to go all out on fabulous Christmas decorations to impress too.

In 2018, a whopping 8,100 people searched for “rose gold Christmas decorations” while others were looking to bring glamour to the festive season with a “champagne Christmas tree” (searched for 1,000 times).

However, not everyone was quite as keen to impress last year. In fact, “how to tell family you’re not hosting Christmas” was searched for 110 times in December 2018 alone – up 100% from the year before!

Others were keen to minimise the stress of cooking on Christmas Day, with 12,100 searches for “is McDonald’s open on Christmas” and 6,600 searches for “Christmas dinner in a can”.

Uncontainable Christmas excitement

For some of us last year, the excitement was simply too much to bear, prompting us to ask the Internet “how many seconds until Christmas” 2,400 times in the hope that this would somehow speed up time.

For some individuals last year, this tactic simply didn’t work. When Christmas Eve finally arrived, many were finding it impossible to get some shut-eye – with a whopping 2,900 searches for “how to get to sleep on Christmas Eve”.

And if you feel the 1st December is still a bit too early to get excited, then you won’t believe just how early some people’s holiday preparations kick off…

In fact, last year a few of us Googled the phrase “is October too early to decorate for Christmas”. Our answer? It’s never too early to get the tinsel out!

Baby-related Christmas joy

A baby’s first Christmas is undoubtedly a special occasion and makes for unmissable photo opportunities. Some families get extra creative when tasked with adding some festive baby photos to the family archives, and this leads to some fantastic Googling…

Anyone for Christmas-themed baby outfits? We thought so!

Last year, searches for festive baby costumes were through the roof! Both “baby Santa outfit” and “baby Christmas pudding outfit” were both searched for 5,400 times.

However, Christmas with little ones isn’t without its challenges. This was clearly the case last December, when the phrase “how to keep baby away from Christmas tree” was googled over 30 times!

Have a closer look at the full set of funny Christmas Google searches if you’re looking for a laugh!

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