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Published: 10th August 2017
Author: Overgate

Paperchase x Hello Kitty!

Paperchase and Hello Kitty have just launched a brand new collection together and it’s available in the Dundee store NOW.

The collection is a mix of so many of our favourite things – for one Hello Kitty, secondly (and thirdly and fourthly…) pineapples, cherries, cacti, cute dogs, diamonds, watermelons and an egg!

Within the collection, you’ll see lots of the icons print, plus many printed denim items. The collection is huge and includes giant pencil cases with adorable apple zippers, customisable denim notebooks and fluffy pens to name a few. The desk pad is our personal favourite that is a giant Hello Kitty face and inside you have a choice of three lists: ‘Things I Will Accomplish Today’, ‘Urgent’ and if you are the sort of person to put things off (like us) ‘Tomorrow.’

Another special feature from this range is the items that were made for BFF’s and come in a set of two, so you and your special friend can have half each. Firstly, a set of two friendship notebooks that as a pair join together to make a heart, meaning you each share a piece of a heart – awww. Also, friendship badges perfect for jazzing up a denim jacket and keyrings.
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