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Published: 1st March 2016
Author: Overgate

Samsung Gear VR FREE At the Overgate.

Pre-Order Samsung S7 & S7 Edge and Get a Free Gear VR at Carphone Warehouse

Samsung Gear

2016 is the year of Virtual Reality, well that’s what the tech experts say. There is to be a huge focus from this year and beyond on bringing Virtual Reality to the public and Samsung have created an amazing VR headset which is easy to use, has 100’s of apps and most importantly… it is affordable!

At an amazing price of £79.99, Samsung has created a VR headset which is accessible to the masses. The Samsung Gear VR is a similar idea to the Oculus Rift, the major difference being the price tag. Working with Samsung, the headset is powered by Oculus bringing the best Virtual Reality apps, videos and games. There are over 200 apps with more to come. This makes the Samsung Gear VR a perfect introduction to Virtual Reality.

This all may sound too good to be true, but we’re not finished there!

If you visit The Carphone Warehouse store located on the lower mall of the Overgate and pre-order either the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, you can get the VR headset completely free! Not only that, you can also enjoy your new Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge and Samsung Gear VR three days early on the 8th March, rather than the 11th.

Samsung Gear1

What can you expect from Gear VR? The Overgate Management team had a little trial and it’s safe to say we were completely taken aback on how amazing the experience was. There are over 1 million hours of video watched in the Gear VR and there is no need to wonder why. With the 360 degrees’ camera you are transported to another world when watching these videos. We were riding rollercoasters in Disney World, surfing in Australian waters and even had Bono serenade us.  You actually forget how ridiculous you look with a giant pair of goggles, which are actually surprisingly very light. This is because you actually feel as if you are in a completely different reality.

Samsung Gear2

Overgate Management reacting to the Samsung Gear VR for the first time


As well as the 360 degree videos, you can watch movies with the headset and it is as if you own a home theatre. With no distractions you can be completely immersed with your favourite movie to a cinema sized scale.

Oculus has many trailers available for viewing but you can upload your favourite movies to watch on the big screen.

Samsung Gear3

There are four theatres you can choose from; home cinema, regular cinema, one on the moon and another called “Void”.

Netflix and Hulu are also available for the headset. Netflix transports you to a cabin where you can look outside to the changing environment outside. There are pictures on the wall, a couch which you are sitting on and a coffee table in front of you.

Samsung Gear4

The main question here is why you would wear a VR headset in your living room to watch Netflix when you can simply watch on your own TV?  The answer to that would be that you can completely immerse yourself with no distractions. Where it actually feels that you are binge watching your favourite TV shows in a cabin far away with no interruptions from anything, or anyone. The Samsung Gear VR gaming system is bound to be extremely popular with all the gamers out there. This allows you to step inside the game and become part of the action. You can use your head movement to explore and interact so you completely become a part of the game and experience an entirely new way to play.

From old favourites such as Temple Run to new experiences such as Playhead; the Samsung Gear VR allows you to experience gameplay in a completely new and exciting way.

Samsung Gear5


If you want to try this for yourself then head down to Carphone Warehouse in the Overgate and purchase yours! If you need to upgrade your phone, then take this amazing deal with the Samsung S7 & S7 Edge to get the Gear VR headset completely free, or pay £79.99 for the headset alone and prepare yourself to experience another reality.

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