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Published: 24th November 2015
Author: Overgate

Personal Shopper Paradise

Personal shopper paradise”

Written by Brid Mannion (Lifestyle Dundee)

Debenhams has always been the go to department store in Dundee, it caters to everyone and offers many unique services that differ from other local stores. Included within this is their ‘Personal Shopper’ service.

In all honesty the thought of a ‘Personal Shopper’ always frightened me a little. Questions would cluster my head when I thought about booking a consultation.

Would it cost me, would I feel pressure to buy something at the end or would I hate everything picked for me?”

I finally confronted my fear on the 11th of November- something I am extremely glad I did.

When I approached Debenhams for my 11:30am meeting with their part time personal shopper, I admit I was apprehensive. As, like many others I am very particular when it comes to clothing and I was nervous I would nod and smile politely knowing secretly I wouldn’t wear it.

I was shown into the consultation room and instructed to wait for the personal shopper to arrive.

It was bright and comfortable with magazines and refreshments on offer. I was greeted quickly afterwards by Holly- she was kind, bubbly and got straight to the point. After asking what I preferred in terms of length and size Holly was off and soon returned with a rail full of jackets from parkas to pea coats! I quickly took a shine to a select few but gave every one of them the benefit of the doubt. Jackets are tricky and I have always loved a chic, no fuss, simple boyfriend jacket but I liked being out my comfort zone and began, quickly considering other options.

Honesty is the genuinely the best policy and I was worried Holly may not want to offend me if I didn’t suit any particular styles. However she gave me the opinions you’d hear from a trusted friend or family member. It was kind but confirmed what I knew in my head, she was right. This isn’t really my colour and this is shapeless on me. She ensured she said it softly with options after every opinion. Don’t like that colour? Here is three more in a darker hue.

Dressing rooms are my idea of hell and can be stressful at the best of times but this was relaxed, friendly and informative. Holly knew all about the styles that were in, what would go with certain jackets and seemed genuinely happy to help with whatever issue you were having. I never felt pressure to like certain styles just because they had been picked and I didn’t feel like I had to buy anything. As my consultation was coming to an end I picked two of my favourite jackets Holly had handpicked for me. These were a H! by Henry Holland khaki parka jacket with a fur trim and a grey and white Debenhams Collection jacket.

H! By Henry Holland fur trim khaki parka, £89Personal Shopper Collection by Debenhams Grey and white ‘stand up collar coat’, £90.00

H! By Henry Holland fur trim khaki parka, £89

Collection by Debenhams Grey and white ‘stand up collar coat’, £90.00

I gained a lot from my personal shopper experience as I branched out from the departments I usually shop in. I had never considered Henry Holland or Debenhams own collection as I always thought that wasn’t my style, I was dead wrong.

By the end, I was truly converted and would whole heartedly recommend the Debenhams personal shopping service to anyone whether they are looking for casual looks, evening glamour or like me, cosy winter coats!

I even bought myself that parka.

To book your FREE personal shopping appointment at Debenhams Dundee, visit http://www.debenhams.com/customer-service/personal-shopper, call 08445 616161, or simply go in store and speak to a member of staff who will be more than happy to help you find your perfect match!

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